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    ArtfulOtter.com is the home of fine enamel jewelry hand-made by artist Pamela Wilson. We specialize in the creation of beautiful enamel jewelry incorporating various techniques such as basse-taille, cloisonné and sgraffito on copper and fine silver. All of our enamels are individually handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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  • Basse Taille

    Developed in Italy in the 13th century, basse-taille enamelwork was especially popular in Europe during the Gothic and Renaissance periods. To create the design, the highs and lows, the design is drawn on the copper disc and then etched in a solution of ferric chloride to make beautiful jewelry.

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  • Cloisonné

    Making a piece of cloisonné enamel is a very time-consuming and delicate task. Once you have the design in mind you should make a sketch to use as a template to bend the wires just so. The outcome is can build depth and create refractive color changes when the enamel is seen in the daylight.

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  • Lagnaippe

    Enameling is a very exacting art. After several years I wanted to experiment and so I turned to torchfiring. Instead of firing the enamel in a kiln, it is fired on a metal grate with a handheld torch. The effects are totally unpredictable yet eye catching.

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About Pam Wilson

For summer vacation one year, my husband, Kevin and I took an enamelling class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.

During that week we were completely awe-struck and inspired by endless possibilities of fusing metal and vitreous enamel. Within a month’s time we had assembled a studio in our home on Lake Wylie in Tega Cay, SC and Artful Otter Enamels was born. Read more...

Just a few of our unique pieces…

1" Basse Taille
copper pendant set
in sterling silver
Cloisonné long
teardrop earrings on
fine silver.
Cloisonné round
earrings on fine

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