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Blue Feather Basse Taille Pendant

Blue Feather BT320Item No.BT320

Hand drawn image etched into copper then blue and green enamel fused to the copper to create a colorful and stunning necklace. The pendant is 3 inched in length including the sterling silver bale. Comes with a black neoprene necklace – please specify 16″, 18″ or 20″ preference. One of a kind, no two will ever be exactly alike.

Price $80.00

Blue Shells Cloisonne Pendant

Blue Shells  EPC035
Item No. EPC035

Beautiful bright green and blue cloisonne pendant 3 inches in length – this one is made with copper as the base with fine silver foil, copper cloisonne wire and transparent enamels fused on top. The bale is sterling silver and comes on a neoprene rubber necklace. Please specify 16″ 18″ or 20″ necklace length. One of a kind, no two are exactly alike.

Price $80.00

Mountain Sunrise BT209

Basse Taille style enamel pendant, 1 inch in diameter, with a sterling silver bale. I etch the design onto the copper then fuse transparent enamel to the copper over several firings. The finished piece reflects light beautifully, enhancing the depth of the etching.

Cloisonné Style Teardrop Earrings

Item No. CE030

Fine silver teardrop earrings 2 inches in length on sterling silver earwires – cloisonné style transparent turquoise enamel background with red budding vines. One of a kind, no two are exactly alike.

Price $90.00

1″ Copper Disc Pendant

Item No. BTS011

1 inch copper disc into which a floral design has been etched.  Transparent enamel is then fired multiple time over the etched copper to bring out the depth and clarity of the etching. Setting is hand made in sterling silver.

Price: $100.00